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Moving Up in Local Search Results

I just checked my Google rankings for some keywords. I put in this search term:

“internet marketing consultants” chagrin falls

and was presently surprised that I have gone from so many pages down that I couldn’t find my company name to appearing third on the front page of Google. When I left the s off consultants, I disappeared in the rankings. Putting “internet marketing consultant” in quotes was a more specific phrase match. When I removed the quotes, broad match, I ended up on page 2 (17th) for internet marketing consultant chagrin falls.

When I searched for seo consultant chagrin falls, I ended up at the top of page 3 (22nd). I think the reason I showed up at all in the top 30, was due to my post mentioning that I installed the All in One SEO pack plugin.

It pays to have relevant content on your site!